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Prince Charles news: What Prince really thought of Father’s Day portrait with William rev | Royal | News
Royal Family News

Prince Charles news: What Prince really thought of Father’s Day portrait with William rev | Royal | News 

Charles and his eldest son are known to have had a turbulent relationship during William’s childhood. He was exceptionally close to his mother Princess Diana and became a shoulder to cry on during her difficult marriage and acrimonious divorce from Charles. William allegedly struggled with the knowledge of his father’s relationship with Camilla Parker Bowles and pushed back against his future as Britain’s king.

The photograph shared on the @kensingtonroyal Twitter account was therefore heart-warming for royal watchers as it shows how their relationship has grown.

Taken by budding photographer Kate Middleton last year, the candid image shows William in a flat cap and coat, pulling his father in for a hug with one arm while grinning at the camera.

Charles is smiling as he rests his head on his son’s shoulder, looking ecstatic at their closeness.

According to Vanity Fair’s Katie Nicholl last week, the portrait reveals a lot about the renewed relationship between Charles and William.

She claimed the fact that Charles allowed the photograph to be released on Twitter suggests “this is a natural and loving relationship” and that “Charles has mellowed over the years”.

A family friend told Ms Nicholl: “He looks positively doting, but he loves the picture and was happy for others to see it.”

Charles has changed his approach towards his royal duties recently so that he can spend more time with his family, particularly with the Cambridges.

An insider explained: “It has meant that their relationship has become much closer.”

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Friends reportedly told Ms Nicholl that Charles now “see the Cambridges more than ever”.

The royal correspondent added: “The closeness is a relief for Charles, who has at points over the decades had a challenging relationship with his oldest son.”

The royal insider said: “It’s not a secret that Charles and his son have had ups and downs in the past, but the relationship today is very solid and strong.

“It is built on love, affection and respect.

“They are on the same wavelength these days and when Charles talks about William it is with great pride.

“You often hear him talk of sovereignty and how they bond over this commitment to sovereignty.”

Another insider explained that their relationship has changed ever since William got married and became a father.

They added: “There’s a sense of duty that runs through both and unites them and as far as their relationship is concerned, they’ve crossed a bridge.”

Yet royal watchers were quick to spot Prince Harry’s absence from the loving photo, taken in December, in Sandringham.

The Duke of Sussex would have been in Canada at the time, and so unable to get in on the photograph.

However, some fans speculated that the photograph was another sign of the reported rift between Harry and the rest of the Royal Family.

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