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Katherine Schwarzenegger Gives Birth, Welcomes First Child With Chris Pratt

Katherine Schwarzenegger Gives Birth, Welcomes First Child With Chris Pratt 

Welcome to the world of motherhood, Katherine Schwarzenegger.

The best-selling author has welcomed her first child with husband Chris Pratt, Katherine’s brother Patrick Schwarzenegger confirmed in video obtained by ET on Sunday, Aug. 9. In the video, Patrick can be heard thanking a photographer after being congratulated on “becoming an uncle.” When asked how Katherine and her newborn baby are doing, Patrick replied, “Doing great, just got her a little gift.” The actor then showed his present, wrapped in pink ribbon, to the camera.

Although Katherine has tried to keep her pregnancy journey on the private side, The Gift of Forgiveness podcast host has offered glimpses into her road to motherhood. 

In an interview with E! News back on July 9, Katherine shared, “[It’s] definitely an interesting time to be pregnant but a really fun time to also find the silver linings and to be able to organize and find more experience in the kitchen has been a big part of that.” 

The best-selling author has also had her own mom Maria Shriver to look up to for guidance and support. Katherine explained, “I want to be a sponge always around my mom and just observe as much as I can from her because she has been the greatest mom and continues to be the greatest mom to all four of us. We’re really lucky so if I can be just a little bit of the mom that she is then I’ll be lucky.”

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