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Kate Middleton news: How Duchess proved she was ‘strong enough not to be forced out’ | Royal | News
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Kate Middleton news: How Duchess proved she was ‘strong enough not to be forced out’ | Royal | News 

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have now been married for nine years, celebrating the anniversary of their unforgettable royal wedding at the end of last month. Now the proud parents of Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis, Prince William and Kate are stepping up to more and more senior royal duties alongside caring for their young family. However, the royal couple had a few blips along the way to married bliss – and at one point in 2005 it looked as though their relationship was cooling.

Royal expert Robert Jobson, in his 2006 book “William’s Princess”, details how both William and Kate struggled at this point, after graduating from student life at the university of St Andrews together.

As the young prince had increasing demands on his plate, Kate looked to be becoming sidelined – but her “strength” shone through.

Mr Jobson writes: “Kate and William had been back in the real world barely five months and already it seemed to be closing in on them.

“William knew that his father was uncomfortable with his proactive approach to the press and it was a source of some friction between them.

“But it was not the only element of William’s life that was out of kilter.

“This period of adjustment was proving tense and uncertain as far as his continued relationship with Kate was concerned.

“The affair had been careering along at such a clip that it seemed perilously close to going off the rails.

“No longer restricted by  full time [at university], it was always bound to be a testing period for the young lovers.

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“William’s duties, his demanding family, and the looming prospect of Sandhurst all conspired to squeeze her out in so many ways. 

“Kate would have to be strong enough, and wise enough, to recognise how much of her boyfriend she could claw back for herself and she would simply have to make do with what was left.”

Other royal experts point towards Kate being left largely on her own to deal with the increased pressure as she got to grips with being a royal girlfriend during this time.

According to author and broadcaster Vicky Ward, the Windsors themselves did not do much in this time to instruct Kate in the ways of their world.

Writing in Vanity Fair in 2008, Ms Ward said: “All the royal press – and former courtiers I spoke to – agreed that until Prince William formalises their relationship Middleton is in an awkward spot.

“She is not officially entitled to any royal benefits paid for by the taxpayers, such as security; she has no spokesperson and is not receiving any official guidance on what to wear or how to conduct herself in royal circles.”

However, by this point, Ms Ward stated, Kate was making headway in endearing herself to the people closest to William.

She wrote: “She went to dinner several times with the Queen, who liked her, as did Charles and Camilla.

“Harry, according to one friend, took longer to warm up to her.”

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