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How GQ’s Nikki Ogunnaike Became a Fashion Industry Changemaker 

E! News: Tell us how your career began.Nikki Ogunnaike: I started out as a Fashion Closet Assistant at Vanity Fair….

Meghan Markle Seeks to Block Public Naming of 5 Women Who Defended Her 

According to The Telegraph, a judge is expected to determine whether Associated Newspapers will be prevented from publishing the names…

How Zendaya and John David Washington Pulled Off Filming an Entire Movie Amid the Pandemic 

For Zendaya and John David Washington the hustle never stops, even amid a pandemic. Deadline reports the actors took part…

Zig-A-Zig-Ah! A Look Back at When the Spice Girls Ruled the World 

Ginger. Sporty. Scary. Posh. Baby. Prior to 1996, that list of adjectives meant nothing. It was just a collection of…

BET + | Season 2020 

Tyler Perry’s The Oval Is Just Getting Started Look back at the scandals, greed, lies and cover-ups from the first…

Simone Biles Talks About Breonna Taylor And BLM In ‘Vogue’ Cover Story | National News 

Simone Biles has been known to speak out about injustice, including bravely sharing her story about sexual assault in gymnastics….

L.A. Sheriff’s Office Share Major Update On Black Man Found Hanging From Tree In Palmdale | National 

Authorities have concluded that Robert Fuller, a 24-year-old Black man found hanging from a tree in Palmdale, California on June…

Boston Supercuts Employee Fired For Comment About ‘Black People Hair’ 

An employee at a Supercuts in the Boston suburb of Westborough has been fired after allegedly making a racist comment…